December 17, 2005

Keep Poking The Bear, Pt II

How did the US view Martin in the beginning? From the St. Petersburg Times
Moves are being made between Canada and the United States to improve relations now that Paul Martin prepares to take over as prime minister next month.
Martin will establish a Cabinet committee on Canada-U.S. relations, which he will chair, and one to improve the ability of Parliament to prevent bilateral problems from becoming crises.

Gee, sounds hopeful. But by March, 2005 from The Washington Post:
A group of 70 influential Canadians and Americans concluded Tuesday that "Canada is losing its influence in Washington." The American Assembly, which is affiliated with Columbia University, fretted about rising Canada-bashing in the United States, but noted that it "pales beside the disturbing and persistent current of anti-Americanism in Canada."

And Stephen hits it right on the money. "This government has engaged in a series of phony and reckless wars of words with the United States that does not help this economy or Canadians"

Keep up the good work Paul. Start a trade war if you think it will get you a few votes. I'm sure Mexico would be more than happy to pick up the slack in supplying the US markets.